Site fees include 1 sleeping unit, 1 vehicle, and 2 adults, and 2 non-adult children 15 years or younger, if applicable

Spring discounts are automatic and you can save between 18 – 26%

2015 Season
   Spring season April  - June 15th, 2015
30-amp Full hook-up (includes water & sewer)


 $ 38.00


30-amp Power, water, & firepit


 $ 38.00


15-amp Electric only RV


 $ 34.00


15-amp Electric only Tenting


$ 32.00


Unserviced RV


$ 30.00


Unserviced Tenting


$ 28.00 


Additional fees per day

Additional person staying overnight  in the same unit

$3.00 –  5.00

Additional tent for non-adult children (includes two children 6-15). Persons 16 years and over require their own site at the full rate

$ 15.00

Additional vehicle, trailer, boat (space limited)

$ 7.00

Visitor & Car (parking upper level only) – day use

$ 10.00

Visitor only – day use

$ 3.00

 Rates are subject to change without notice and all fees subject to GST

For Monthly Rates please contact the office. Seasonal and year-round sites available.

Reservation policy:

Visa or MasterCard must be provided. Site reservation is a one-night to three-night deposit charge per site reserved depending on length of stay or dates reserved. Visa or MasterCard will be charged deposit fee, for all sites booked, 15 days (or 30 days) prior to date of reservation or upon booking if less than 15 days (or 30 days), in keeping with our cancellation policy. Weekly reservations require a minimum 3-night deposit. For Monthly or seasonal deposits, please contact the office.

Cancellation policy:

We have committed to reserving a site for you, and as such, are turning others away. Your commitment is that you will pay for your site or cancel with enough notice, as described below, that we may re-book it for others.

Your site deposit must be fully prepaid 15 days prior to coming or in full when booking with less than 15 days notice. No refunds within 15 days or after arrival. No refunds for sudden change of plans or inclement weather. Special event weekends, long weekends, or group bookings may be subject to a 3-day minimum booking and require a 30-day cancellation policy. Again, no refunds will be issued within the cancellation period. Please check with the office.